Toothpaste - Good On Ya
Toothpaste - Good On Ya

Toothpaste - Good On Ya

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This fresh and soothing combination inspired by Australian fields will freshen your breath while keeping your teeth healthier than ever. With 97% of natural ingredients and Fluoride on it, the Good on Ya Toothpaste will remineralize your teeth while preventing cavities and tooth decay. 


  • 55ml

Ingredients (97% Natural Origin)

  • Hydroxyapatite:

    A form of calcium that makes 97% of your tooth’s enamel and 70% of its dentin. Also known as a natural alternative to fluoride, this top ingredient helps to remineralize teeth’s enamel filling in uneven surfaces, whiten teeth’s appearance, prevent cavities and avoid sensitivity.

  • Oral Prebiotics:

    An Inulin prebiotic formula that helps support teeth’s good bacteria to maintain a healthy balance in your oral microbioma. Superfood for your gums!

  • Xylitol:

    A plant-sourced sweetener that reduces plague & tooth decay by boosting the production of saliva. Overall this helps prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth and maintains a neutral pH level in the mouth.

  • CPC (Cetylpyridinium chloride):

    A natural alternative to Triclosan that prevents the formation of plaque and works against the harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.