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Looking for a spot to have a moment of peace with your coffee before your morning rush? Or looking to have a chat with a friend you haven't seen for ages? Or wanting to a do little bit of last minute gift shopping but need to set the Dad and kids with a bite?

Industry & Co.'s in store cafe has everything you are looking for, from porridge for breakfast, salads & hot pots for lunch to coffee with a treat in the afternoon. All the amazing food is freshly made from our very own Industry & Co. Kitchen everyday and the superb speciality coffee is roasted by Ralf, who owns and runs the famous Berlin roastery, The Barn and who change up our bean variety every couple of weeks. We also offer tea which is locally sourced from Dublin’s Wall & KeoghPop in and see the wide range of food and sweets we offer for yourself and we guarantee you won't be disappointed! Maybe even do a bit of shopping in our shop as well ;)

Our in store café is open 7 days a week, our salads & hotpots are only available from Monday to Saturday. We run a Sunday service on public holidays.