The Relaxound Birdybox - Toffee Terrazzo - Front Cut
The Relaxound Birdybox - Toffee Terrazzo - Side Cut
The Relaxound Birdybox - Toffee Terrazzo - Back Cut
The Relaxound Birdybox - Toffee Terrazzo With Packaging

The Relaxound Birdybox - Toffee Terrazzo

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The Birdybox: for refreshing moments
Our Birdybox relaxes from the very moment you hear it. The soothing natural sounds bring you to a forest clearing filled with the happy chirping of birds, where the twittering makes you relax intuitively and feel pleasantly liberated. The Birdybox doesn’t need much time to do this: just 20 seconds.

Make use of the effect of bird chirping everywhere
Thanks to the motion detector, the refreshing natural sounds are activated simply by passing by. The volume is individually adjustable, while the compact size and practical battery operation mean you can enjoy the effect of the Birdybox anywhere. Whether on the coffee machine, bookshelf, desk or window ledge: a moment of relaxation is welcome everywhere.

Noble design unique with fine terrazzo
Treat yourself to something unique. Fine terrazzo already adorned the villas of ancient Rome. This design front inspires with fine granules in a toffee look. An individual composition of shapes and colours lends character to each design front. The housing of our Birdybox is made from renewable raw materials, the packaging consists of 100% recycled paper.

  • Sound: 20 Seconds of birds chirping
  • Dimensions: W75 x H126 x D26 mm
  • Front: Terrazzo
  • Body: 100% Natural material
  • Technology: Motion sensor (reacts to changes in light), battery operation
  • Ideal for: Entrances, hallway, kitchen, office & more