Side Table - Bullnose - Mango Wood - Lifestyle Cut
Side Table - Bullnose - Mango Wood - Top Close Up
Side Table - Bullnose - Mango Wood - Ø55 x H40 cm - Legs Close Up
Side Table - Bullnose - Mango Wood - Ø50 x H48 cm
Side Table - Bullnose - Mango Wood - Ø50 x H48 cm - Legs Close Up
Side Table - Bullnose - Mango Wood - Ø55 x H40 cm

Side Table - Bullnose - Mango Wood

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The modern Bullnose side table features a beautiful round shape and is crafted from mango wood. Its base is organic, consisting of a sort of cross for stability. It's nice to pair the two tables.


  • Ø50 x H48 cm
  • Ø55 x H40 cm


  • This product is crafted from a special hardwood: mango wood from India. This wood species is highly sustainable, as it is a byproduct of the food industry, namely mango fruit. The trees grow extensively in India and mature rapidly: 15 years instead of, for example, oak (50-100 years). The fruit production is good in the initial period of the tree. As it ages, the fruit production decreases. Therefore, this tree becomes less economically valuable on mango plantations. The solution for mango farmers is to cut and replant. This method of operation makes mango wood truly sustainable. After its life as a food producer, the wood gets a second life as furniture. The base of mango wood has a warm color, but due to variations in the wood, there may be deviations. It gives each piece of furniture a robust and unique appearance. The wood features some saw marks that add a vintage twist.
  • The mango wood is sanded and coated with a sealer and wax layer to protect against water stains.


  • Occasionally wipe with a lightly damp or dry cloth without heavy stitching to prevent scratches.
  • Avoid all cleaning tools with a rough surface.
  • Avoid polish or cleaning products containing silicone, as these can naturally dry out the wood over time.
  • Do not use cleaning agents or products containing ammonia.
  • Rub wax into the wood for a beautiful sheen and a natural protective layer. This also prevents the wood from drying out.
  • Mineral (wood) oil can be applied with a cloth. Over time, this will produce a protective surface.