Scented Mist - 572 Fig/Fig Wood/Sandalwood

Scented Mist - 572 Fig/Fig Wood/Sandalwood

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If you're looking for a subtle, refreshing way to scent your home or workspace, our scented mist is a great choice. With an exclusive blend of premium ingredients, this scented mist offers a unique and pleasurable olfactory experience.

In the shade of a whitewashed house, a rock shares its space with the roots of a fig tree.  Time has made them reconcilable.  They become one.  Its fruit is ripe, ready to be tasted.  Crunchy and juicy, the fig releases all its fragrance.  In the blink of an eye, you are in the shade of a fig tree tasting its ripe fruit.

The perfume mist is to be used on fabrics at a distance of approximately 20 cm. It is water based so be careful not to spray on leather.

Top: Fig
Fig tree leaves and wood
Sandalwood, cedar

Capacity: 100ml