Seed Packets - Coriander - Thüringer
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Seed Packets - Coriander - Thüringer

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Did you know that cilantro and coriander are one and the same plant? Well, sort of. Cilantro refers to the leaves of the plant, whereas coriander refers to the plant’s tiny, round seeds. Like the names, the tastes are also different: dried coriander seeds are used roasted and ground to give a strong flavour to pickles and seasoning, whereas fresh coriander leaves are delicate and lacy, imparting a unique aroma – which some people love, some people hate. Cilantro’s history can be traced back to the Middle East; then, the Romans brought it to Europe, where it was considered a fairly exotic spice. Thüringer is an old, German traditional variety with good seed production.

Packet includes 100 seeds. Plants grow to 50cm tall and 40cm wide.