Seed Packets - Beetroot - Bull's Blood
Seed Packets - Beetroot - Bull's Blood - Lifestyle Cut

Seed Packets - Beetroot - Bull's Blood

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The Bull’s Blood beet is an heirloom variety developed in the 19th century from the French variety Crapaudine, which is thought to be the oldest beet variety ever bred. Since Victorian times, it has been used for both ornamental and culinary purposes, gracing British cottage gardens with its deep burgundy foliage. Harvest the leaves for baby leaf use in mixed salads or steam like spinach; small-sized roots can be left to grow like any other beetroot for juicing and roasting. Though considered a cool season crop, Bull’s Blood beets are heat tolerant, allowing for diverse growing regions and seasons throughout the Northern hemisphere.

Packet includes 1

50 seeds. Plants grow to 50cm tall and 20cmwide.