Pepin - Hydrating Olla - Mustard

Hydrating Olla - Mustard

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Ollas (or Oyas) is a traditional, natural way to save water, save time and grow better plants. Bury into the soil, fill with water and watch your plants thrive!

The ollas are microporous ceramic pots that optimize the watering of plants by diffusing the water in a progressive and autonomous way. They allow plants to develop their roots and promote healthy growth by avoiding over-watering or dry leaves.

Ollas work by using the natural characteristics of clay to retain, absorb and return water to plants. The clay is fired in a precise process to make them solid while leaving the pores slightly open to allow plants to draw in the water they need.

Their use is simple: just dig a small hole in the ground, place the olla in it, leaving the enamelled upper part visible, fill with water and regularly check the water level for healthy plant growth. Fill your olla with water every 4-6 days and watch your plant grow.

  • Capacity: 25cl
  • Size: 16x8cm
  • Use: Indoor plants and potted planters
  • Material: Microporous ceramic
  • Manufacturing: Portugal