Marie Janine - CBD Oil - Reishi Mushroom Blend
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CBD Oil - Reishi Mushroom Blend

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Pure oil combines the unique taste of hemp with the many benefits of CBD to feel relaxed and soothed, in just a few drops. 

Reishi is a traditional Chinese mushroom considered an adaptogen. It is recognized for its benefits in mood, stress management, fatigue and sleep quality.

To ingest, CBD (cannibidiol):

  • Allows you to relax instantly and lastingly.
  • Effectively relieves ailments (migraines, menstrual pain, etc.)
  • Works for better quality sleep
  • Concentration aid
  • Helps relax muscles after exercise

     As for the use:

    • Directly orally, by placing a few drops under the tongue. The sublingual route allows rapid action: the blood vessels present under the tongue directly absorb the CBD. The first effects of CBD can be felt between 5 and 30 minutes after sublingual intake.⁠

    Composition: The formulas are 100% natural and made in France.