Lixirskin - The Good Skin System
Lixirskin - The Good Skin System - Set Of 3

The Good Skin System

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Lixirskin's cult, minimalist routine that only takes a few minutes of your time, no layering required! In this limited edition gift box. All skin shares the same essential needs. We’ve got you covered with multi-tasking heroes that work together seamlessly to make an instant difference, without overloading your skin. They are for all skin types, for young and older skin, for face, eye, neck to hands. Delivering that special ‘good skin’ look and feel; hydrated to perfection, glowing, plump and firm.

How to use:

Start the morning with a 3-minute mask with Vitamin C Paste, and seal the skin for the day with Universal Emulsion.

At night, cleanse with Electrogel Cleanser and leave on for a couple of minutes to quickly detox your skin. Follow with Universal Emulsion.