Universal Cleaner - Wild Lemongrass & Nettle - 1000ml
Universal Cleaner - Wild Lemongrass & Nettle - 1000ml - Lifestyle Cut

Universal Cleaner - Wild Lemongrass & Nettle - 1000ml

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This is an effective universal cleaner that perfectly removes impurities from surfaces. It can be used on all surfaces that tolerate water, such as painted, wooden and ceramic surfaces.The detergent is enriched with antistatic additives and natural extracts from sea buckthorn and salvia for a gentler cleaning experience. Use the Universal Cleaner regularly to keep the bacterial numbers low and your home clean and pleasant-smelling.

Use the Universal Cleaner with our Humdakin Spray Bottle for easy daily cleaning. Add a small teaspoon of the Universal Cleaner to 500 ml of water, shake the spray bottle and you are ready to spray and clean. Wipe with a damp dish cloth.

Tip: Use the universal cleaner for washing your floors! Prepare a bucket of the mixture as explained below and a use a clean floor cloth to wipe the floors with. Follow up with a dry tea towel to ensure all excess water is removed. Using the universal cleaner on your floors will leave a lovely, clean scent of sea buckthorn in your home.

Directions For Use:
This product is a concentrate. Recommended dosage: add 30 ml (two tablespoons) of Universal Cleaner to five liters of moderately warm water. When dosing the detergent, think about the environment - do not overuse. The correct dosage will reduce the environmental impact.

The HUMDAKIN universal cleaner is pH neutral and without any harsh chemicals, so it can be used in all rooms - even the kids' rooms.

  • Do not mix different cleaning products.
  • Use a clean, damp cloth after wiping off to avoid streaks.
  • Always use warm water for cleaning.