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Hand Cleansing Gel - 60 ml

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Keep your hands clean on the go! This hand cleansing gel works like the hand sanitizers you know, but glycerin and aloe vera were added to keep your hands moisturized and nurtured.

The special formula cleans and refreshes your hands, and is easy to take with you on the go. The formula is easily absorbed and contains the appropriate amount of alcohol to kill most bacteria. With it's stylish and classic design, it fits right in with the other Humdakin products in your home. Keep it in your bag alongside with the 60 ml. hand lotion, so you can keep your hands clean and moisturized on the go.

Spread a small amount of gel into your palms and spread around until they are dry. Make sure to remember the middle of your palms, in between your fingers, and around your wrists. Do not rinse!

  • Fragrance-free. Contains 60 % alcohol, glycerin and aloe vera.


NOTE: There is a difference between hand cleaning gel and hand sanitizer. It is two different products and can be used differently.

The new hand cleansing gel from Humdakin contains 60% alcohol, glycerin and aloe vera extract. The choice of using 60% alcohol is based on official studies from many organizations that state that a minimum of 60% alcohol is required to kill many types of bacteria, including the coronavirus as they know it now.

Studies also show that the best way to combat coronavirus is to wash your hands correctly with warm water and soap. However, when we’re out and about it’s not always possible to wash hands. Therefore, we have created this hand cleansing gel that you can have with you on the go. While reliable sources state that 60% alcohol is enough to combat the coronavirus, there are influencing factors that may affect the disinfecting properties, such as how the cleansing gel is applied. Therefore we do not want to market the hand cleansing gel as something that kills the coronavirus, although it has been created based on the criteria provided by official sources.