HAY - Mug - Barro - Pink - Set Of 2
HAY - Mug - Barro - Pink - Set Of 2 - Lifestyle Cut

Mug - Barro - Pink - Set Of 2

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Designed by Portuguese Rui Pereira, the Barro Cup is part of a tableware collection that brings the warmth and beautiful simplicity of terracotta to the table. Meaning ‘red clay’ in Portuguese, Barro represents the designer’s appreciation of the traditions and uses associated with this ancient material.

The cup’s simple, handle-free design combined with its soft touch and proportions create a sense of stability that makes it pleasurable to use. Crafted in Portugal from durable terracotta, the Barro Cup is glazed in a variety of high gloss colours that can be matched or mixed in innumerable personalised combinations. The multifunctional cup can be used for warm beverages, as a container for snacks, or for serving desserts. 

  • Set of 2
  • Dimensions: H8 X W8 X L8 cm
  • Material: Terracotta