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Book - Irish Kitchen Cocktails

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60 Drinks You Can Make at Home with Everyday Equipment

In Irish Kitchen Cocktails, industry pro Oisín Davis shows you how easy it is to make cocktails with Irish spirits using everyday kitchen equipment.

Do you have a spoon and a large bowl? You can stir up the perfect punch for any kind of party, like Mrs Doyle's Iced Tea. Remember that NutriBullet you bought because you wanted to go on a smoothie diet? Dust it off and you can rock out a whole heap of frozen cocktails, including a Frozen Jameson, Ginger Ale & Lime. Got a decent-sized jug and a hand blender? You can lash together amazing cocktails in minutes, such as a Wicklow Wanderer. Found yourself in a cocktail emergency? Be prepared with drinks such as the Ginger Divil.

After travelling the world spreading the word about Irish drinks, Oisín knows that Ireland is home to some of the best distilleries on the planet, and it's not just whiskey. We’re also creating incredible Irish gin, poitín, vodka, rum, liqueur, mead, vermouth and fruit distillates. In these 60 recipes, from a classic Irish coffee to a frozen poitín piña colada, Oisín is on a one-man mission to show you how to mix up whopper homegrown drinks.

Chapters include:

  • Frozen blender cocktails
  • Fridge door cocktails
  • Whopper party punch bowls
  • Emergency gatecrasher cocktails
  • Winter hand warmers
  • Homemade infusions
  • Irish cream dessert cocktails
  • Hangover helpers