Chocolate - Bean and Goose - Milk - Salty Amonds

Chocolate - Bean and Goose - Milk - Salty Amonds

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Bean and Goose select the finest quality single origin chocolate, and then they pair it with the best Irish ingredients for our craft chocolate bars.

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A true classic - whole salty, crunchy almonds with milk chocolate

Bean & Goose create a saline solution with Oriel sea salt and soak our almonds in it. Soaking the nuts not only helps with digestion but it enhances the flavor tremendously.

Oriel sea salt is the only nonoxidised mineral sea salt on the planet. A powerful tasting sea salt that has a uniquely smooth taste profile. Oriel sea salt is located at Port Oriel only metres from the sea shore in the picturesque village of Clogherhead, the birthplace of Ireland.

Once the nuts are soacked, they are then gently roast them in a low oven with a light sprinkle of Irish Atlantic Sea Salt. This makes them slightly crispy, have a nice texture, and taste amazing.

  • 70g Solid Bar (150mm x 75mm x 8mm)
  • Vegetarian Friendly