Seed Packets - Forget Me Not - Blue Ball
Seed Packets - Forget Me Not - Blue Ball - Lifestyle Cut

Seed Packets - Forget Me Not - Blue Ball

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Sometimes the importance of a flower is contained in its name, and forget-me-nots are one of them. The name comes from a German legend about a knife and his beloved, and possibly because of this, it became a symbol of love and remembrance, a promise that you will always keep a person in your thoughts. Historically, the flower has signified protection and luck for kings and secret organizations, and nowadays it is the symbolic flower of a few regions. Blue Bell Forget-me-not is an improved, compact variety of this popular flower, with grey-green leaves and small blue flowers. Very easy to maintain, they are a great choice for borders, meadows and containers.

Packet includes 150 seeds. Plants grow to 40cm tall and 20cm wide.