Seed Packets - Common Anise
Seed Packets - Common Anise

Seed Packets - Common Anise

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Anise is native to the eastern Mediterranean and is one of the oldest known spice plants, used both for culinary and medicinal purposes, thanks to its sweet and very aromatic licorice-y flavour. Through the Romans, who served anise-spiced cakes after heavy meals to aid digestion, it was spread throughout Europe by Roman legions. Anise seeds, whole or ground up, are used in teas and for confectionery purposes, as well as in a wide variety of regional and ethnic liqueurs, e.g., Greek ouzo, Italian sambuca and French pastis, just to name a few. Of its many qualities, ‘it stirreth up bodily lust’, wards off the evil eye and keeps nightmares away if placed under one’s pillow. 

Packet includes 125 seeds. Plants grow to 60cm tall and 60cm wide.

How to grow Common Anise

  • Sow outdoors Apr-June
  • Germinating time 10-15days.
  • Harvest in 120 days.
  • Keep in full sun 
  • Water regularly but allow it to dry out first