Hand Cream - Forest Grace
Hand Cream - Forest Grace - Refill

Hand Cream - Forest Grace

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A fast absorbing Hand Cream Collection to nourish the skin of your hands and protect them from city pollution. Ready to use all over the day and take it anywhere you go!

Ingredients (96% Natural Origin)

  • Prebiotic Complex:

    Prebiotics such as Inulin and Fructose feed’s the skin Microbioma to keep it balanced, protecting the skin from air pollution and giving it that healthy glow.

  • Hemi-Squalene:

    Ideal for soothing dry complexions, this lightweight ingredient absorbs quickly delivering intense moisture and providing a silky and elegant finish.

  • Golden Algae:

    Acts as natural protection for your skin aka Biological Photoprotection. Protects skin’s cells against solar radiation and air pollution.

  • Shea Butter:

    Natural butter that soaks into your skin combating dryness and softening skin's surface.