Seascape Chocolate - Bean and Goose - Milk - Smoky Sea Salt
Seascape Chocolate - Bean and Goose

Seascape Chocolate - Bean and Goose - Milk - Smoky Sea Salt

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60g of Ecuador's most beautiful and sustainable single-origin chocolate infused with flavours harvested from our waters.

Presented in an illustrated craft gift pack that tells the story of the seascape. For a truly immersive experience follow the QR code on pack to dive into the sound of the sea.

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Rolling waves and ocean swell captured in a 40% milk Ecuador chocolate disk

Rolling waves and ocean swell, the movement of the sea captured in a sumptuous milk chocolate disk. Scan the code and transport yourself to the Irish coastline that inspired us to create this for you.

A sublime combination of Oriel kiln dried, smoked sea salt and 90 year old Nicaraguan oak kegs used to home Teeling Irish whiskey ensure smoky, salty and sweet notes in every bite of this creamy milk chocolate.

Oriel Sea Salt is located at Port Oriel, metres from the seashore in the village of Clogherhead in Co. Louth.

  • 60g Chocolate Disk
  • Vegetarian Friendly