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Irish - Bean & Goose

Sisters Karen and Natalie Keane of Bean & Goose Chocolate make their incredible handmade chocolates in the kitchen of their home in the Wexford countryside. Their method of making small batches of single-origin bars and truffles on marble slabs ensures that every one of their creations is up to the highest standard of quality, while their unusual-but-delicious flavour combinations really set them apart from their competitors!

Natalie Keane - “The inspiration for most of what we do comes from the Wexford countryside. It has definitely inspired our flavours. We look outside and see first hand what is in season and available to work with. The colours of Wexford and Ireland can be seen in the Bean and Goose packaging, from the blues and greens of the landscape to the pink of an evening sky. The topography of Last Tree Farm has been the foundation of our unique bar mould.”