Moleskine Passion Journal - Wine
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Moleskine Passion Journal - Wine

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The notebook is designed to allow lovers of good wine to catalogue every experience, every aroma, every sensation which the best bottles of wine stir up in them. Take note of the noise of the cork, of the perfumes and of the memories which each bottle and every glass evokes
  • The Wine Journal notebook will be a personalised archive of all the experiences, vines and emotions enjoyed in a glass. A personal collection of your favourite wines and moments, savoured from tastings to dinners
  • The six categories Sparkling, White, Rosé, Red, Fortified Wine and Liqueurs allow you, in an orderly and precise way, to enclose all the information for each grape variety. The initial pages contain practical suggestions for improving your tastings and sommelier skills
  • Each page is designed to be dedicated to a wine: take note of the grape variety, taste, appearance and much more. Build an archive of your wine experience and store it on your shelf next to your wine reference books
  • It is packaged in an elegant protective box, for a perfect gift idea designed for lovers of good wine