Stay Warm with Our Brand New Winter Menu

Dublin's first snow was witnessed last week - thus it's time to keep especially warm. And with the cold weather really settling in, our team behind Industry & Co's fantastic food have worked on a new winter menu to help you forget the bitter cold. 

This menu is welcoming brand new options including hot sandwiches, multiple daily soup choices and a variety of heart warming hotpots. 

Two soup options are back on the menu and are served with their delicious toppings.

In addition to our second soup, we have also launched a new vegetarian hotpot, which has proved to be extremely popular. The roasted aubergine option is served in a tomato sauce alongside couscous and topped with coriander and almonds. 

This week has also seen the creation of three new hot sandwiches including a vegetarian option. 

All of these new hot choices are an addition to our usual signature salads and add-ons. 

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