DIY Floating Flower Frames with Pressed Flowers

Whoever said romance is dead never made home pressed flowers for a loved one. Whether it's your other half, your mum or your best friend, they will love this unique take on their Valentine's day gift. For an extra touch take a walk together to hand forage your selection and keep the memory forever framed. 
You will need:
Suggested flowers and foliage to use:
Hand foraged flowers
Baby's Breath
Snow Drops
1. Firstly lay out the flowers you wish to press. You can either leave the roses whole and removing the receptacle to unsure it flattens easily or you can slice the bulb vertically. Be sure to remove the pistil as it is bulbous and full of liquid. It is worth noting that with the baby's breath is is important to cut the pieces down to mini stem of between 3 and 6 bulbs as if you put a large stem in the bulbs will clump together.
2. Once your flowers are prepared simply unscrew your flower press to find the absorbent sheets and cardboard. Place the flowers with a sheet above and below the flowers to soak up the moisture.
3. Be sure to leave enough space between the flowers that the petals do not over lap when flattened as they will stick together. Repeat the process being sure to place to cardboard pieces at either side if you are drying a large batch of flowers.   
4. Tighten the screws as evenly and tight as possible and leave for a few days in a warm place (the hot press is ideal).
5. Once the flowers are dried simply arraign in your glass. If you find that they are slipping you can use some glass glue. 
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