Terrarium - Jungle Tower - Small
Terrarium - Jungle Tower - Small

Terrarium - Jungle Tower - Small

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Beautifully composed terrarium, carefully made in Paris. 

Terrariums are very low maintenance and are an ideal addition to your home if you don't necessarily have green fingers. 

The Jungle Rocket Small has a base and bell are made of oval glass with a flat top . The JTS houses a small polyscias as the main plant, mosses, gravel & soil. 



  • 21.5 x 8.5 cm

Care Instructions

  • We advise you to place the composition less than one metre from a window without curtains.
  • Water once or twice a year on average, depending on the humidity level of the moss and the soil.
  • Prune the tree lightly when its leaves are pressed against the glass walls. Do not expose the tree to direct sunlight.


  • The composition we have in store may defer slightly to the one pictured
  • This item is only available for collection in store