O MY BAG - Care & Repair

One of the most responsible things we can do for our planet is to only make high-quality products that can be worn and used for years. That is why we help our customers to take good care of their purchase. With a little love and care your bag will last for years!

Leather Guide - What is your bag made of?

  • Hunter Leather: Hunter Leather was the first signature creation with O MY Bag's Indian supplier and tanner Patrick Lee from the Sheong Shi Tannery. It has an open structure and no synthetic finishing. Over time, this leather will become more beautiful, unique, and develop sheen.
  • Classic Leather: The Classic Leather collection bags have two different origins. The original Classic Leather comes from Kolkata, India. The second Classic Leather is the vegetable tanned Vachetta leather from Tuscany, Italy. Both natural leathers are characterized by a satin gloss sheen and a smooth, gentle feel. We also have a Black Croco Leather, which is a Classic Black Leather with a croco pattern heat embossed into the leather
  • Soft Grain Leather: Soft Grain Leather has a soft touch, but reliable thickness. This leather has been rotated in a milling drum, which brings out the natural grain of the leather. The soft supple feel gives it a luxurious look and finish, beautiful to touch
  • Stomboli Leather: Stromboli Leather is a thick but supple vegetable tanned leather. This leather has been rotated in a milling drum so the natural texture and fine lines are intensified. This makes it a livelier and softer version of the more structured Classic Leather.

Prevention - Tips & Tricks

  • We recommend to avoid using your product on rainy days. Leather is a living and natural material. Therefore, it is best to avoid humidity or rain. If you’ve used your bag in the rain, it is common that small bubbles appear on the leather. Those will fade naturally over time.
  • Do not use heat to dry your O My Bag. Just let it dry naturally and away from radiators. Direct heat will dry out the leather.
  • When using other leather treatments, always test the product in an inconspicuous area of your bag first, before applying to the entire bag.
  • When not in use, store your bag in its original dust bag away from moisture and variations of heat or cold.

Quick Fix Guide