Head Chef

Head Chef
Industry & Co.

The Head Chef is responsible for all food production within Industry Café, including all items produced for Breakfast, Lunch, Evening, Weekend Brunch & on/off site Catering Events. Menu Development, food purchase specifications & standardized recipes are to be clearly documented & shared within the team. Development & monitoring of food & labour budgets for department also fall within this role, as does employee hiring and supervision. The Head Chef is responsible for maintaining the highest professional food quality & hygiene standards throughout the operation.

Your duties will include:
  • 5 shifts per week in our Drury St, Dublin 2 location.
  • Focus on the quality, variety and consistency of the food we serve.
  • Create daily and weekly menus and ensure all our food is varied and conforms to our specification
  • Develop agreed sales targets and profitability.
  • Establish high standards relating to food waste and implementing record keeping and monitoring to track and reduce waste
  • Ensure that kitchen hygiene and food safety standards are maintained, making sure all records and traceability requirements are completed
  • Ensure that Health and Safety standards are followed in accordance with statutory provisions and full HACCP compliance.
  • Undertake training as required to ensure continued development within your role and of your team.
  • Ensure all your kitchen staff are properly trained to fulfil their duties
  • Ensure that the kitchen is properly equipped to fulfil the food preparation, assembly and presentation standards.
  • Manage orders and all kitchen stock and fresh ingredients arriving from external suppliers
  • Ensure efficient forecasting and ordering of ingredients and goods
  • Documenting all recipes, method ingredients and costing and keeping records including allergens of all food served each day.
  • Manage appropriate hiring and rostering of the kitchen team.