Beauty Mist - 007 Yuzu/Neroli/Sage

Scented Mist - 007 Yuzu/Neroli/Sage

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If you're looking for a subtle, refreshing way to scent your home or workspace, our scented mist is a great choice. With an exclusive blend of premium ingredients, this scented mist offers a unique and pleasurable olfactory experience.

Citrus notes (yuzu) combined with floral and sweet notes (neroli), bring a summer atmosphere and the distant memory of colognes waters. This scent is fresh and energizing with slightly musky undertones (sage).

The perfume mist is to be used on fabrics at a distance of approximately 20 cm. It is water based so be careful not to spray on leather.

Top: Bergamot, yuzu
Heart: Neroli, thyme, juniper
Base: Cedar, moss

Capacity: 100ml